What Is True Concierge Psychiatry?

At Psyche Revîve, we take a unique approach, which focuses on individualized patient care. We have more time for you. We enroll fewer clients than an insurance-driven practice, which allows us to provide each client with a uniquely tailored individualized treatment plan. Maintaining a limit on the number of clients we serve allows us to provide you with a personalized treatment plan and makes us more accessible to you.

Meet Dr. Stephen Jaeger, M.D.

Stephen Jaeger, M.D. is affiliated with the Yale University School of Medicine.
He plays an active role in innovating patient care and providing education and supervision to Yale University medical students and resident physicians. He has received numerous awards for clinical excellence and leadership over the course of his medical career. In addition to his work at Yale University, he is the founder of Psyche Revîve treating patients in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Pysche Revîve’s Mission

Our mission is to optimize every aspect of your life. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to do just that. You don't need to identify as having a mental illness in order to benefit from our exclusive individually designed plans. Our ultimate goal is to guide you in becoming the best version of yourself and attaining greater fulfillment.

Our Privacy Promise

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Our clients include high profile individuals who value privacy and confidentiality. In addition to our strict privacy practices for all of our clients, Psyche Revîve will work with clients to meet their specific privacy and confidentiality requirments.